Puncy Hallmarks Punzierungsstempel


Hallmarks are made in many designs for hand marking (by hammer) and marking with machine. We produce machines for marking as well.

We offer a complete range of kinds of hallmarks:

  • Manufacturing and responsibility marks (in some countries in agreement with the Assay Office).
  • Numbers indicating the portion of precious metal (purity number).
  • Logos of manufacturers and companies, signatures of artists in miniature.
  • Designation for Ag, Au, Pt, Ti for titanium and M METAL MET and for base metals.
  • Various inscriptions with the names of companies for product labeling.

We manufacture tools only from high quality tool steel class 19 by machining and forging 1.2210 on the basic shape.

Own brand production technology is mainly hand engraving. Some of the products we manufacture using CNC machines, but always with a precise hand finishing. We achieve high hardness and tool life through careful thermal adjustment. In the end is a thorough test and surface finish.