Puncy Hallmarks Punzierungsstempel

How to order

At first you must decide how you will mark. For a small number of pieces is suitable hand marking (with the hammer). It is advantageous to order machine for marking in the case, if you used to make many marks per day (more than 10). In the case, if you order machine for marking, is one tool (purity number) for free.

You can choose whether to make an order using a table or by a verbal explanation in the mail. This ordering table can be used for ordering the most frequently produced hallmarks (purity numbers and designation for Ag, Au, Pt, Ti for titanium and M METAL MET and for base metals). Prices of this tools are from 14 to 22 €. Tool for COMPANY LOGO (or responsibilty mark; manufacturing mark etc.) please describe in the mail and send it along with a picture of the logo. Sizes range is from 0.3 mm. These brands can be in form of relief / recessed in the surface, with a border of various shapes and without. The prices of responsibility marks are from 20 - to 31 € depending on the difficulty. We consult the price of logo always with the customer. Usually it costs from 32 to 60 €. We send it by cash on delivery or after payment by bank transfer.

Please make sure to contact the Assay Office in case of need before ordering. This relates to the manufacture of jewelry.

(Due to the technological aspects) company LOGOS and other individual brands it is good to consult with us. We only need to send design of brand. Editing of design is included in the price of the tool. Send your design in e-mail and select the tool type and the size of mark. The price is related with aspects of production.

Delivery time:

  • We usually send tools with purity numbers (numbers indicating the portion of precious metal) immediately.
  • We usually send tools with logos, company brands and responsibility marks in two weeks.
  • If the situation allows, it is possible to agree express production in 2-3 days with a surcharge of 25%.

Ordered products can be picked up at our office by appointment.